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January 27, 2013
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Reshiram by darkheroic Reshiram by darkheroic
reshiram logo is now done..

softeware: Photoshop

Reshiram is a white-colored, bipedal Pokémon of seemingly draconian and mammalian basis, with some of the avian features of feathers. Reshiram's snout is mammalian in appearance, most resembling something vulpine or even canine, or possibly even a goat. Streaming out from the upper side of the snout and outward from the head is a long, voluminous wispy mane, the top of which forms a spike or small head-crest of some sort. Reshiram's face is fringed with spiky features, with one small, pointed extension of it below the chin.
Reshiram's neck is long and slender, with a collar-esque protrusion of fur or feathers seeming held in place by two somewhat glass-like neck-bands, with similar bands present on the "wrists" of Reshiram's forelimbs. Reshiram's forelimbs are expansive, wing-like appendages or some unusual sort of wings themselves; the beginning portions of the limbs are slender and generally conventionally arm-like, but flare out into a more wing-like, feathered section farther on the limb, sporting four claws on the leading edge. On Reshiram's chest is a feathered feature, with the lower portion protruding outward to a point. Long feathers spread out from Reshiram's thighs, its feet with large claws—three in front, and the one in the back positioned at an angle somewhat like high heels. Reshiram's tail is a thick mass of a center-most plume and ribbon-like secondary extensions, surrounded by two large bands. This tail is based on an electric turbine.

Nichi kira here..thanks for bringing this to the front page :)
and also, I have a zekrom
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Wow! That is really nice! ^_^
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SH1N0MURA1-SA1NT Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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Absolutely wonderful!
I like this. I wonder if I can find someone I know who can make a wall mount replica of this.
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Me rikey :)
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Reshiram is my favorite Dragon pokemon and it looks like a badge for me, even Zekrom and the other pokemon you did too :D
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I see a new one of these probably every time I log on. I love these.
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Its missing its pupils lol
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